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"From Zero Money in the Bank to Multiple Six Figure Business Owner"

Rachel Borntrager
Whole and Well Co

 When I first started working with [Dr Shaunna] I came from a place of crying on the phone, not having any money in the bank and wondering how I could make health coaching work"..."Working through with her to find a niche, to get my signature program up and running"..."I went from zero money in the bank to multiple six figure business owner"..."If you're one of those health coaches that want to quit, throw in the towel and say I just need a day job - DON'T STOP! Make sure you connect with Dr Shaunna. She does not offer this program to just anyone"... "Have a conversation so you can know exactly what you want and where your'e going. Being an entrepreneur is easier as a mom of 5 kids to be in charge of your own calendar. You can be in charge of the calendar instead of the calendar running you"..."Whatever is going on with your kids, you get to schedule that and you get to go"..."Since I chose to work with Dr Shaunna I have been able to step away completely from [my job at] the hospital and work full time as a health coach! 

Is This For You?

If you're a health coach with a burning desire to heal but have been struggling to get clients, don't know the steps to take and are afraid that you will never make the difference you know you were meant to make, then this will change your life!

We want to help as many people as possible BUT admittedly this isn't for everyone. So who is this for?

  • Do you have a burning desire to make a difference and help others?
  • Are you looking to attract your first health coaching client or a steady stream of clients?
  • ​Are you a doctor or other health professional looking to create your own unique practice?
  • ​Are you a health coach in training?
  • ​Do you have a unique expertise or healing gifts that you would like to share with the world?
  • ​Are you a Health Coach or other healer with existing clients but are looking to scale your practice without burning out?
  • ​Are you trying to break free from a stressful career to create your own signature wellness program without putting your family at risk?

If any one of these describes you - you’re in the right place! (even if you’re brand new) and I look forward to hearing about you and your health coaching practice.

- Dr Shaunna

Have a Stream of Ideal Clients Begging to Work With You (even if you're just getting started as a health coach)

Slice through the noise and stand out in the marketplace in a way that will have your absolute DREAM CLIENTS begging to work with you...literally.

In a world where most health coaches unfortunately make next to nothing and have no clients, how can you get these excellent results?

Our strategy is excellence. By becoming the leading expert in your unique zone of genius and creating a signature program that delivers excellent results and life-changing transformations for your clients, you can make an incredible difference in the world.

To keep these results sustainable, it is critical that you leverage your time with a customized business plan that allows you to make a greater impact and income without burning out. 

This 3 step system is what allows you to have a stream of ideal clients begging to work with you and make a soul-satisfying difference!

Who is Dr Shaunna?

"Since I was 14 when my grandmother died of cancer, it has been my mission to help people live their longest, healthiest, happiest lives. 

After twenty-five years as a medical doctor diagnosing and trying to treat people when it was often too late - I knew there had to be a better way to help people and have a meaningful impact. 

Following my true calling led me from burned out doctor to blissed out health coach.

I am a former Chair of Public Health, Assistant Professor of Medicine and have shared the stage with Deepak Chopra and taught at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition on numerous occasions."

"With over a decade of experience as a health coach, I know first hand how difficult it can be to create a successful practice. I spent years and over $100k trying to figure this out - but it doesn't have to be this way!

In 2018, I was speaking to thousands of health coaches. I realized that these health coaches had tremendous potential, but almost none of them were actually health coaching and not nearly to their potential. I remembered how much I had struggled to figure this out. But the one thing I had that these health coaches didn't have was ... I had $100K of medical income to burn through to figure this out in a costly trial and error process.

So I made a decision to write Free To Heal and give it for free to as many health coaches as possible because the world needs their tremendous untapped, healing potential.

But as I was writing my book, a health coach came to me to ask if I could help her create a signature program. I said "No. I am writing my book." But then within 3 days, 3 health coaches asked me the same thing! In a week, there were 9 and the Awakened Healers was born. 

This is what led to the foundation of The Health Professional Academy.

I now help health coaches create successful, soul-satisfying health coaching practices. Together our amazing community of heart-centred healers is truly making a meaningful impact on the world and helping people live there longest, healthiest, happiest lives."

STEP 1: Carve Out Your Purpose-Driven Expert Niche ⓒ That Satisfies Your Soul

Most health coaches want to heal everyone's everything but unfortunately end up healing no one's nothing. Despite their best intentions of not wanting to leave anyone out, it's impossible to stand out from the crowd and find clients to work with, without an ultra-specific niche.

Health coaches often struggle with what to say and do because they haven't narrowed down their target market nearly enough. When your message is too general it doesn't resonate with anyone and the truth is, no one is attracted to this lack of clarity. In a sea of alternative solutions for people seeking help with their "health", you need to focus your attention and messaging by carving out your Purpose-Driven Expert Niche (PDEN)Ⓒ.

When you mine your story for the gold that is always there, you will eventually uncover your Purpose-Driven Expert Niche (PDEN). When you are working in your zone of genius expertise and in a way that is soul-satisfying, you are naturally confident and attractive and your clients come to you! (There is always "gold" to uncover even if you don't think you're an expert at anything or if you're brand new)

Your Purpose-Driven Expert Niche (PDEN) will allow you to start doing the work you love that is in alignment with who you really are. You will truly be able to stand out from the crowd as the leading expert in your area of expertise. 

This is the first step to creating a stream of ideal clients begging to work with you.

Case Study - Dr Selvi V.

Many health coaches have the knowledge to help people with lots of different things. They don't want to leave anyone out and as a result they have trouble picking just one niche.

This was the case with Dr Selvi who had extensive knowledge in many areas as both a Medical Doctor and Certified Health Coach. She had the ability to help a lot of people but wasn't attracting the clients despite her credentials. After going through the Story Gold Mining Process Ⓒ, we discovered that she'd had Crohn's Disease for 23 years but had been in remission for the past 10 years so this topic wasn't even top of mind. She had literally cracked the code on Crohn's. She knew exactly what it felt like to go through that process but also the exact steps to take to help someone do what she had done. She was a true expert in this field and could lead her clients with excellence and compassion into remission too. This was her unique zone of genius and her Purpose-Driven Expert Niche (PDEN).

Dr Selvi now has a thriving health coaching practice that delivers excellent results for her clients. She has spoken at national conferences on Crohn's and Colitis and is now a sought after guest for events, blogs and podcasts.

STEP 2: Create Your Signature Program That Delivers Excellent Results

The majority of health coaches fall into one of these three categories:

1 - They don't have a niche yet and don't exactly know what they'd offer someone and therefore, they don't have an actual program to offer.

2 - They have a program but it's generic or cookie-cutter, delivers variable results, doesn't play to their unique genius and as a result blends in with the crowd of similar offers. This leads to perceived competition with others and is a race to the bottom of who offers the lowest price. 

3 - They have a program that is based on the number of sessions, hours or weeks rather than actual results for their clients. This doesn't guarantee a certain level of transformation which is what clients are really wanting. 

Fortunately, there is a better way! 

Working in your Purpose-Driven Expert NicheⒸ and zone of genius, allows you to create a soul-satisfying signature program that actually delivers excellent transformative results for your clients. 

This eliminates competition because there is nothing else out there like what you offer. By having a results-driven signature program, you have a unique value driven offer that stands out from the crowd. People don't want to pay for sessions. They want to pay for results! When you operate at this high level of excellence, you easily attract your ideal clients who will readily and gratefully share testimonials. An excellent program that is this valuable - is more valuable to your client and that translates to a greater income and impact for your practice. It feels so great to offer only your absolute BEST to your clients who are counting on and deserve exactly that. 

This is the second step in having clients beg to work with you.

Case Study - Angela L.

Angela was one of the few people who already had clients when we started working together. But she was working like crazy in her business and in the gym trying to help women generically get "leaner and healthier" with multiple offers, packages, prices, session types etc. She was essentially doing whatever her clients wanted her to do. All of this was not sustainable and she was burned out!

We found her unique zone of genius upon realizing she experienced thyroid cancer at 23. She now helps women who've had thyroid cancer and thyroidectomy lose weight, balance their hormones, regain their energy and take back their health. We formulated her very own results-driven signature program around this area of expertise which guides clients along a proven path. Angela is uniquely qualified in this zone of genius. Her signature program is a unique offer that stands out from the crowd and delivers excellent results for her clients!

She is now working in a sustainable, leveraged way and no longer trading time for money. She has doctors coming to HER with referrals now that she's positioned as an expert in her niche. As a result Angela is on track to six figures without burnout!

STEP 3: Create a Custom Business Plan That Leads to Your Dream

Most Health Coaches don't have a business plan and if they do it's not sustainable. The majority are still trading time for money.

The problem is:

The limit on your time = limit on your income = limit on your impact.

I am actually embarrassed to say how long it took me to figure out that the plan I was following would NEVER get me to my dream no matter how hard I tried. And man did I try. This is what most health coaches are taught however, and if you are just wanting to help a few people lose ten pounds, then you don't need a customized, sophisticated plan. But if you need to replace a full-time income or you are actually wanting to create freedom for you and your family and make a greater healing difference then, you MUST have a business plan that supports this. 

Imagine if you have a 3 or 6 month program and you charge $1000 for it. If you want to reach $100K, you need 100 clients!! One hundred 'patients' in a year is nothing, but holding space for 100 'coaching clients' in a year - that is A LOT! You will burn out. And when do you find the time to find these 100 clients?! If you manage to reach this level which almost certainly you won't, you absolutely cannot grow beyond this.

On the other hand, when you have a business plan centred around your signature program that delivers excellent results and you are crystal clear on the lifestyle you want and customize a business plan to take all of this into consideration, then as you implement your plan you are moving towards your freedom, instead of towards burn out.

The business plans that we create for our clients are customized but on average require just 20 clients per year to reach six figures. That's doable! Now this is not simply increasing the program price as that won't work. But it is about looking at how you can best support your clients in the most excellent way possible and when you factor all of this in, it translates to about 20 clients a year. And of course, you can easily scale beyond this if you wish. 

The right business plan can allow you to work smarter not harder AND deliver the BEST results for your clients!

This is the third step in having clients beg to work with you.

Case Studies - Dan, Cookie and Claudia

Dan survived a plane crash but was left with a lot of pain. Over the years he learned and experienced powerful natural techniques for pain relief. He now helps people locally become pain free after 50.

Cookie is a massage therapist who had developed a very effective technique. She is now packaging her technique into accredited training for other massage therapists in order to leverage her time and increase her impact and income.

Claudia has a wellness retreat in Spain but after the unforeseen events in 2020 we helped her develop a virtual program. She now incorporates her beautiful retreat as part of her signature program as a unique and valuable offer.

Each of them have a customized business plan to support their unique offering and expertise, as well as their personal strengths, lifestyle and dreams. 

Everything You Need to Ignite Your Health Coaching Practice
in the Next 90 Days

To summarize above, the three core components you require to ignite your health coaching practice in the next 90 days and have clients begging to work with you are:

1. A Purpose-Driven Expert Niche Ⓒ
2. A Soul-Satisfying Signature Program 
3. A Customized Business Plan.

These 3 things will allow you to finally have the confidence, clarity and positioning to start health coaching full time and finally relieve strain from your finances and relationships. This also eliminates self-doubt. When you know the exact steps to take, you can finally escape your soul-sucking day job and do the work you know you were meant to do. But also, you will have created greater freedom, impact and income. It is so healthy for you to do your soul-satisfying work that fulfills your purpose.

Today more than ever, people are suffering from chronic disease and are literally dying for your help! The world really does need you and your healing gifts. You don't need additional certifications or training to help these people. You need a proven path that attracts clients to your soul-satisfying work, so you can deliver excellent transformative results and no longer be the best kept secret! 

Traditional Way 

(On Your Own)

The Short Cut

(With Loving Guidance)

Some of you may want to take the information you've gathered from this page and try to piece everything together on your own and you are more than welcome to do so. But if you would like to ignite your health coaching practice in the next 90 days with expert loving mentorship and have clients begging to work with you, we will give you the short cut so you can skip the costly, uncertain and painful trial and error process.
Let's ignite your health coaching so you can finally start making your dreams come true!

Can this really work for anyone?

Just to be clear, although this can work for many people, this solution isn't for everyone.

If you are looking for a program that promises to help you "get rich quick" without any work on your end or if helping others live healthier, happier lives isn't actually that important to you, then this is not for you.

BUT if you have a burning desire to make a difference and help others, have unique expertise or healing gifts that you need to share with the world then this is without a doubt for you.

And if you've made it this far, this is likely something that IS important to you.

If you are trying to break free from a stressful career to create your own signature wellness program without putting your family at risk, looking to scale your health coaching practice without burning out, looking to attract your first health coaching client or even if you're still a health coach in training
you're in the right place!

🔎 Case Study:

From no money in the bank
to... Multiple Six Figures a Year!

When Rachel first connected with Dr Shaunna she came from a place of crying on the phone, not having any money in the bank and wondering if she would ever make health coaching work for her. 

Since then, Rachel's life and business have completely transformed. She was able to leave her stressful full time job at the hospital and is now health coaching full time. Her business is now generating multiple six figures a year and has even expanded to a brick and mortar location in addition to online. As a busy mom of 5 kids, Rachel is finally able to take control of her calendar, go to her kids' basketball games and spend time with her family. Rachel is now living life on her own terms and making a difference in the world as a health coach.

We worked with Rachel to sculpt out her Purpose-Driven Expert Niche, perfect her messaging, put together her signature program along with a strategy and business plan that is custom fit to her business and lifestyle.

Whole and Well Co

Niche: Helps busy moms lose weight and get a healthy gut so they have energy to enjoy life.

Result: Zero to Multiple Six Figures a Year

Founder: Rachel Borntrager

🔎 Case Study:

From being alone, unsure where to start and throwing money away... to Over 30 Clients, $50k and Growing Fast!


"Before I found Dr Shaunna I felt alone and unsure. Unsure of where to start, unsure of how to proceed, unsure of my message. I was throwing money away on ads and subscriptions that I did not need. I felt like I had to make it up as I went."

"Before, I felt like I was always making the steps up. Throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what stuck."

The Process

Discovered "Dr Shaunna's book. I purchased it from Amazon and knew she was the guide for me."

"Working with Dr Shaunna gave me the structure, experience, and confidence I was lacking. Having guidance from someone who has been there is monumental!"

"The biggest change for me in working with Dr Shaunna is having a plan and her guidance in implementing that plan."

The Result

"After The Health Professional's Academy, I have the confidence and knowledge to make a lasting impact in the lives of my clients and my own life."

"I have developed a successful business of having coached over 30 people and made over $50K last year. I was able to pay off my office building and develop much more financial freedom!"

Dr Tamara Lund

Niche: Helps professional women regain their mental clarity and melt away belly fat so they can live a confident, productive and active life!

Result: From Unsure Where to Start and Throwing Money Away to Over 30 Clients, $50k and Growing Fast!

Founder: Tamara Lund

🔎 Case Study:

From no idea how to attract clients or run a business... to a lucrative coaching practice and over 30 clients
within her first year!


"Before working with Dr Shaunna I had a lot of knowledge about how to help women achieve their health goals, but had no idea how to attract my ideal client. I had no idea how to be a successful entrepreneur. I had no idea how to organize my business. I knew I needed help creating a lucrative business, I knew that there was a lot about running a business that I did not know."

The Process

"I heard Dr Shaunna speak at IIN and looked her up on the internet which eventually led me to her book and then to join her program."..."I knew Dr. S was the right fit."

"Dr Shaunna's sales clinic, weekly calls, and dedicated mentorship are key elements in my wins. I have learned how to be the CEO of my own business while remaining authentic to my mission to heal as many people as possible. I have learned how to attract clients, how to speak to potential clients, and how to organize my business in a way that suits my needs."

The Result

"As soon as I started working with Dr Shaunna my business immediately blossomed. I feel confident in my business and in the work I am doing to help my clients."

"In one year, I have been able to create a lucrative health coaching business with over 30 clients in 2021. My business has blossomed into a lucrative and thriving business with goals and strategies on how to build bigger, better, and smarter without sacrificing integrity. After not being in the workforce for 25 years, Dr Shaunna got me 'up and running' in my business with her simple system. Her mentorship has been an invaluable asset in my success. I am so grateful for her support and wisdom."

Sherri Fogelman

Niche: I help women in midlife reduce inflammation, lose unwanted and excess menopausal weight, and manage symptoms of autoimmune disease so they can gain back their energy and get back to the activities they love!

Result: From no idea how to attract clients or run a business... to a lucrative coaching practice
and over 30 clients
within her first year!

Founder: Sherri Fogelman

What The Awakened Healers Are Saying
About The Health Professional Academy...

TBI Coach

"I knew right from the beginning that this was going to work for me and it has beyond my wildest dreams"..."you'd be crazy not to!"

Dr. Catherine
Metabolic Reset Coach

"earned $20,000 in the
first 2 months"

PMS Coach

"the best investment that I made for my business"

Weight-Loss/Gut Health Coach

"from zero money in the bank to multiple six figure business owner"

Diabetes Coach

"the first week of the program, I had two new clients"

IBS Coach

"I can be a
powerful, strong, independent
business woman and I can still also be a mom and I can do this at home"

Digital Nomad Coach

"I feel like a badass now"

Dr. Selvi
Crohn's Coach

"she will take you above and beyond anything that you can imagine yourself capable of"....."tapped into a part of myself that I thought had died"....."I am eternally grateful"

PCOS Coach

"truly cares about each and every one of her clients"..."works very closely with each one"

Weight-Loss Coach

"an essential program if you want to be a successful health coach"

Menopause Coach

"I highly recommend it"

Lymphatic Coach

"so warm and welcoming and she is a wealth of knowledge"

Healthy Aging Coach

"she's there every step
of the way"

PCOS Coach

"this is what i’m meant to do"

Rheumatoid Arthritis Coach

"really helped hone [my niche] down"...."it’s priceless"

Chronic Pain Coach

"its about working with ease"

Stress and Weight-Loss Coach

"I am creating a business that fits my lifestyle"...."I love collaborating with heart centred healers"

Energy and Sugar Coach

"helped me gain so much clarity on how I can help people"...."I don’t know where I’d be in the world without [Dr Shaunna]"

Hypoglycemia Coach

"Your success really is inevitable"

Candida Coach

"so much more confidence"..."found people to work with"

Weight-Loss Coach

"I will be successful in reaching my one year revenue goal"

Can you imagine how differently you would show up for your health coaching business if you knew for sure it would work?

What if you could make a real difference - without sacrificing your health, your family, your relationships AND make a real living?

Apply to become the next Awakened Healer and make the difference you were born to make.

Limited Spots Available

Out of 13 people that come across our desk, only one will get an invitation to this program. Because we work extremely closely with our clients to deliver excellent results, we only work with a small number of people at a time. Given the excellent results that we deliver for our clients, these spots are in high demand and will go fast. 

Awakened Healer Guarantee

We guarantee you will finish the program with your 3 business assets (Purpose-Driven Expert NicheⒸ, Soul-Satisfying Signature Program and Customized Business Plan) as long as you show up and follow the proven steps. We will be there every step of the way and give you everything you need to succeed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment needed?

If you have 2 hours / week to commit you will be ahead of schedule. There is more that you can dive into but you can be successful in as little as 2 hours a week. We have had everyone from busy single moms to busy medical doctors and coaches still in training have the time to successfully complete this program. This program is designed for people who have no time. This is the stuff that you are going to have to know anyways if you are to succeed. There is no extra 'make work fluff'. The program is designed to save you time. 
Will I have paying clients by the end?

This is up to you. Some coaches have full time medical practices and/ or caring for elderly parents etc. and just want to create the foundational assets and THEN attract clients later and this is possible. About 50% of health coaches want paying clients now and we follow your lead on this. If this is you, we will assist you to do this as soon as possible. Of the 50% that want to have clients most have a few paying clients. The most important thing is that you know the process and know how to replicate it over and over again on your time schedule. 
What if I cannot make any of the weekly calls?

We’ve had clients successfully complete from all over the world and sometimes their other work commitments or time zones prevent them from attending. All of the calls are recorded and easily accessible to watch. You can be successful in this program even if you are unable to attend or watch any of these calls. Most really love attending them but people are successful given the infrastructure and support of this program even if they are unable to attend.
What if I don’t know my niche?

Perfect. This is our specialty. We will absolutely assist you with this. Our story gold mining processⒸ and our program elements are specifically designed to carve out your purpose-driven expert nicheⒸ. You will have expert guidance all along the way. 
What if I do not have a health coach certification?

On our preliminary call with you, we will determine together if this is a requirement for you given your experience and desired area of focus. For example, if you are already a doctor, nurse or have some other training in a field that you want to continue in then this is often not necessary. If however, you have never been in a health related field and have not had any personal experience assisting yourself or someone with their health and you are really wanting to learn more about nutrition first, we may recommend a certification first for you. This can all be determined on our initial consultation. We look at this on a case by case basis.
Is there a payment plan option?

Yes. We have both single payment and payment plan options. We understand the importance of investing in yourself and your business in order to reach your goals faster but understand that this can be difficult to do depending on your current situation. For this reason we also have some financing options available to better suit your needs. You can ask us about these options on our call together.

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